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Exchange Students

Welcome to the Faculty of Humanities. Below you will find important information prior to your studies at the Faculty of Humanities.

Available courses

As an exchange student there are a comprehensive number of courses available for you.

Non-Danish taught courses

Courses taught in English, German, French, Spanish, etc.

In the Faculty of Humanities' course catalogue you will find all non-Danish taught courses available for exchange students.

Faculty of Humanities course catalogue

Danish-taught courses

If you are interested in taking courses taught in Danish, please refer to the University of Copenhagen course catalogue -   

Register for courses:
Spring semester by 21 June
Autumn semester by 1 December

You have to register for each course that you wish to attend. This applies to both bachelor- and master-level courses. Course registration is handled by the department offering the course(s) you want to follow.

For information on how to register for the individual courses, please click on the name of the departments listed below and visit their KUnet-sites for more information. Here you will also find information about exams and department facilities (KU-username is required).

Any difficulties accessing KUnet?

If you have been accepted as an exchange student to the university and have not received the required KUnet username and pincode, please contact UCPH Student Centre.

If you are not registered at the University of Copenhagen, please consult UCPH Student Centre for further information.

Faculty of Humanities Orientation Programme

Prior to each semester, the Faculty of Humanities welcomes all new exchange students to participate in the Faculty's Orientation Programme. The Orientation Programme offers important and valuable information regarding your studies at the Faculty of Humanities, as well as the opportunity to meet and socialize with fellow international students.

Further information about the Orientation Programme

The Mentor Programme: QA [kua]

The Faculty of Humanities has a mentor programme, which goes by the name of the QA Programme. By joining the programme you will establish an instant network that will pick you up in the airport and help you get settled in Copenhagen. 

We strongly encourage all international students to sign up for the mentor programme. As a mentee you will be part of a group with six to eight mentors and mentees.

The mentors, who are themselves domestic or international students at UCPH, will assist with the practical aspects of adjusting to a new educational system, be available for questions and introduce you to the social life at the Faculty and beyond. The mentors are also the backbone of the Faculty’s international study environment and they will host events throughout the semester that you can attend as a student at UCPH.

Normally your mentor group will contact you by email prior to your arrival in Denmark. Therefore it is important to make sure that the email address used in your registration is valid and that you check it regularly prior to leaving your home country.

The QA Programme website:

Any questions?

In the Faculty A-Z you will find the answers to most of your questions of academic and practical nature.

If you have any further questions please contact International Student Guidance at the department offering the courses you are interested in or are attending.

Contact the International Student Guidance at your department.

Useful advice

See our list of useful advice for exchange and guest students studying at the Faculty of Humanities.