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Welcome Summer School Students

Below you will find practical information for admitted summer school students at the Faculty of Humanities concerning facilities at South Campus and information about life in Copenhagen.

About the programmes

Summer school students you will receive information about the specific course you have been admitted to from the course coordinator.

On the course website you will find information about the programme. Links to the course websites are available at www.humanities.ku.dk/education/summer

When does the course start?

Details about time, date and place are stated in your admission letter. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the course coordinators.

Contact information for the course coordinators will be published in early April.

KUnet.dk and Absalon

After enrolment you will be assigned a username to University of Copenhagen's intranet (KUnet), as well as a student email address.

Access to KUnet

The lecturers may choose to send material to your KU e-mail address or to use Absalon, which is the e-learning platform at the University of Copenhagen. You access Absalon at KUnet.dk.

If you encounter any problems accessing the system, please contact IT-services.

Further information about IT services at the University of Copenhagen

University ID card

Non-UCPH students can pick up a guest ID card at the Reception desk at South Campus when the course begins.

The Reception is located at South Campus in building 14 (main entrance).

What do I need my ID card for?

You need the ID card to gain access to buildings and libraries on South Campus.

Which facilties do you have access to during your studies?

All main buildings can be accessed with a valid ID card at all times during your studies at the Faculty of Humanities.

South Campus has a canteen and one coffee shop, which offer food, snacks and drinks during the day.

Further information on opening hours and menu


Using your ID card you can access the department libraries at any time.

Opposite the Main Entrance of the Faculty you will find the Royal Library at South Campus (glass building). Besides being a modern library with all necessary facilites the library is equiped with nice study facilities.

Further information on opening hours at the Royal Library, South Campus

IT facilities

Using the free WIFI on campus you are required to logon to 'Eduroam' with your KUnet username and password. Type your username like this: abc123@ku.dk.

There are power outlets in all classrooms and open areas.

You will find printers/copiers in each building on South Campus. The printers can be accessed from any computer using a wireless connection. Please note that printing requires an account and you will be charged per printed page.

How to find housing

The University of Copenhagen Housing Foundation assists international students enrolled in a summer course with finding housing. If you are eligible, you will receive information on how to apply in your admission letter.

If you are not eligible or want to find housing on your own, you can find information and tips on how to find housing at the University of Copenhagen website for summer university students.

How do you get a phone contract?

At most kiosks or supermarkets in Copenhagen, you can buy a sim card with prepaid credits/minutes. 


Getting around Copenhagen is normally quite easy either by foot, public transportation or by bike. Biking is the most common way for Copenhageners to get around the city. 

Public transportation

Copenhagen boasts an extensive and timely city-wide public transportation system. By using the online service Rejseplanen ("Travel Planner") you will find the fastest and easiest way to travel from one point to another at any time. The only thing you need to know is the address of where you are and where you need to go (Address of South Campus: Karen Blixens Vej 4, 2300 Copenhagen S). 

Rejseplanen (Travel planner)


Biking is very popular in Copenhagen. You can get anywhere in town in a short amount of time.

Renting a bike
You can rent a bike at bike rental shops in Copenhagen. The prices varies depending on the type of bike you want and the company, so it is a good idea to check the prices online beforehand.

Bycyklen (city bikes)
Depending on where you find accommodation, the city bikes might be the right choice for you. You will find city bike docking stations throughout the city center, and at most metro stations.

Bycyklen website

Where to buy groceries?

There are many kiosks and larger supermarkets throughout the city and also around South Campus. Just next to South Campus you will find two smaller supermarkets; 'Fakta Quick' and 'Døgn Netto', which means that you can easily buy a snack during classroom breaks.

How to spend your free time?

Even though your free time during the summer course is scarce, you should be able to find some spare time to explore the city. Copenhagen offers a broad variety of cultural and leisure activities during the summer.

Further information is found at Visit Copenhagens website.

What to do in case of an emergency?

If you are in need of immediate medical assistance, please call the emergency number 112.

If you require medical assistance and need to go to an emergency room, you can call 1813. When calling 1813, a trained medical professional will assist you and direct you to the nearest emergency room or doctor.

If you are in need of emergency assistance from the police/fire department please call 112. If you need to call the police in case of non-emergencies, please call 114.

How can you find a doctor or dentist in Copenhagen?

International students can make an appointment with doctors in Copenhagen even if they are not registered with a Danish CPR-number. Find out who and where to go by contacting them by phone: (+45) 70 20 15 46