The Faculty of the Humanities aspires to strengthen its position among the world’s leading arts faculties.

The faculty meets the world without prejudice but with curiosity and applies the insights achieved to world-class research, teaching and services to the public at home and abroad.

The faculty will strengthen the cohesion among the university's six faculties by developing the humanities as an indispensable part of other scientific fields.

Through the study of languages, societies and cultures, the humanities contribute to the reflective introspection of society, create insights into our fellow human beings and promote mutual cultural understanding.


  • to develop a tolerant and vibrant intellectual environment based on freedom of speech and research
  • to create research and education in the humanities at the highest level
  • to provide the best possible work conditions for research so that it may contribute to securing the faculty’s position, nationally and internationally
  • to offer education at the highest level, combining a broad understanding of society with specialist competence in language, literature, culture and communication
  • to promote an understanding of the basic importance of the humanities for all science
  • to produce excellent graduates with critical minds and personal integrity, well-qualified to occupy key positions in society and the labour market, both locally and globally
  • to ensure that research results are shared with the public in an inspiring way
  • to cooperate with institutions and businesses nationally and internationally
  • to create a physically and mentally healthy work environment that may encourage efficiency and well-being
  • to offer competent leadership and administration in support of the three core activities: teaching, learning, and knowledge sharing