Knowledge about customer behaviour, culture and daily life as a driving force for innovation

The danish businesses industry is in need of knowledge about their customers early in their innovation processes in order to make the processeses sharply focused and commercialisable.

HumanImpact is the first Danish systematic attempt to add specialized humanistic knowledge about customers to Danish businesses. The project is based at the Faculty of Humanities, runs until July 2022 and is supported by The Danish Industry Foundation with 8 million DKK.

Project team

Copenhagen Centre for Health Research in the Humanities Cross-Cultural Studies Digital information and communication

Mikka Nielsen
Health and welfare research

Lise Tjørring
Cross-cultural studies


Astrid Pernille Jespersen
Associate professor
Cultural analysis, user driven innovation, health research

Rasmus Elling
Associate professor
Urban studies, ethnicity, sociology

Klaus Bruhn Jensen
Media, communication, big data, technology, the internet

Project management

Mark Vacher
Associate professor, Ethnology

Marie Roloff Groth
Programme manager

Julie Sommerlund
Dean, RUC