10 June 2015

Providing Advice and Imparting Knowledge of Children’s Media Habits and Their Behavior on Digital and Social Media

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Anne Mette Thorhauge was appointed chair of the Media Council for Children and Young People (MBU) by the Minister of Culture due to her research into film and media. In her role as chair, Anne Mette Thorhauge brings into play her in-depth knowledge to the benefit of both the political process and the ministry's legislative work. In her advisory capacity she also gives lectures and holds meetings with local authorities and institutions about devising film- and media policies.

Anne Mette Thorhauge

Under the auspices of MBU, Anne Mette Thorhauge works with the Ministry of Education, the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, the Consumer Council, the Institute for Human Rights, the telecommunications industry and other stakeholders, holding seminars and debates (national and international), devising educational materials about children’s use of the internet and mobile media, as well as leaflets and websites about children’s media habits and behaviour on digital and social media. The knowledge she builds up about children’s film and media competences is also deployed to devise well-founded age classifications for films for the Danish market.

Thorhauge also works with the Centre for Problem Gambling (Center for Ludomani) to identify how computer games affect day-to-day life and the future prospects of vulnerable young people.


Via her information and educational work for MBU, Anne Mette Thorhauge provides parents with insight into children’s media habits, etc., and provides primary and lower-secondary-school teachers with research-based knowledge that better equips them to provide guidance to new generations of young people about ethical behaviour on social media. The aim is to help children understand the modern network society and provide them with the skills needed to navigate digitally in it and cope with online risks.

These skills will be more and more crucial to future generations, both at work and in the private sphere. Eventually, Anne Mette Thorhauge wants to see digital literacy embedded directly in the ‘Common Objectives’ for primary and lower-secondary schools so that all Danish school pupils learn about ethical online behaviour.

The impact of the work of the Media Council for Children and Young People (MBU) is documented by (for example):

  • The use of information and educational materials from www.emu.dk/modul/about-emu
  • The number of unique visits to www.sporgomspil.dk (in Danish); www.digitaleunge.dk (in Danish); www.digitaldialog.dk (in Danish)
  • The number of subscribers to the MBU newsletter
  • The use of the guidelines concerning small children on Facebook
  • The documented effect of the ‘Common Objectives’ for primary and lower secondary school
  • Participation in and planning of events, seminars, conferences and debates

The research collaboration with the Centre for Problem Gambling generates knowledge that is used as the basis for advice not only to parents, but also to social educators, health visitors, school psychologists and social workers. The idea is to help children, young people and adults break free of negative gambling patterns.

Further info

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