Course catalogue autumn 2022

Our six departments offer a broad range of courses: from Danish Culture Courses to Practical Archeology; from Academic English courses to courses about Danish Runes and Manuscripts from the Viking and Medieval Ages.

Below you will find the course catalogue for international exchange and guest students at the Faculty of Humanities. 

All courses in the catalogue are taught either in English or in another foreign language.


In addition to studying art and culture in the traditional sense, the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies carry out research and teaching projects in many different areas, such as robot technology, disaster theory, sound culture, migration, and digital culture, just to name a few. These are just a few of the many subjects they are interested in and know a lot about at the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies (IKK). In the department, they research and offer degree programmes in the histories of various art forms from antiquity to the present day, as well as the interactions between art forms and their relations to tendencies in their contemporary culture. 



The Department of Communication is a large and diverse department. They have a strong interdisciplinary research environment. Their research activities are organized in 8 sections and 3 research centers. In addition, the department hosts several major research projects and works closely with both national and international partners.



Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies carries out research into language, culture, religion and society, mainly in countries outside Western Europe and the USA. Cross-cultural competencies and knowledge of the world’s great diversity are crucial in a globalised world – socially and culturally. Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies' mission is to provide insight into this diversity.



The Department’s distinctive feature is its foundation in foreign languages. Their research is carried out within the field of the foreign languages. These languages are their point of departure, their research object and a means of investigation, because culture is understood and experienced through language. The Department’s activities are aimed at both the public and private sectors. The activities contribute to Denmark’s continued participation in international dialogue and promote international understanding and trade through knowledge, cultural insight and linguistic expertise.



The Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics do research, dissemination and teaching in the areas of Nordic cultural heritage and in modern sociolinguistic and technological approaches to language. They work with philological disciplines such as manuscript and literature studies, with name research and language change, human language technology and data science.



The Saxo Institute at the Faculty of Humanities is dedicated to the study of human societies past and present, with degree programs ranging from History to Archeology, Ethnology, Classical Languages and Migration Studies. The Institute offers a variety of research and library facilities, servicing a vibrant community of tenured scholars, graduate students, visiting researchers and externally funded projects.


For information on how to apply for courses taught in Danish, please refer to the Faculty of Humanities' Danish website for more information.

For question about courses, please contact the relevant department: Department Student Guidance Centers