If you have de-matriculated from the Faculty of Humanities,  you can apply to re-enrol.

Important deadlines

The application deadline is:

  • 1 November for re-enrolment in the spring term (starting 1 February). The application portal opens 1 September

  • 1 June for re-enrolment in the autumn term (starting 1 September). The application portal opens 1 February.

The handling time for applications to re-enrol can take up to 3 months.

General rules on re-enrolment

You can apply for re-enrolment in your Master’s degree program if

  • you have passed study elements equivalent to the first year of the study program in which you wish to re-enrol; cf. the curriculum of the relevant Master.

  • there are available places on the Master’s degree program in question.

If you have not passed subject elements equivalent to the first year of the study program in which you wish to re-enrol according to the most recent curriculum, you must instead apply for admission at

Moreover, the following rules apply:

  • You can only be re-enrolled at one of the Faculty's Master's degree programs at the beginning of a term: 1 February or 1 September.

  • If you have used all of your exam attempts, it is only possible to re-enrol if you get an exemption allowing you to re-take that subject.

  • If you have already completed a higher education program at the same level or higher, for example, a master's degree program, you should be aware that you cannot apply for admission from summer 2017 and beyond.

  • At re-enrolment you are normally enrolled on the most recent curriculum. This means that if you were originally enrolled on an older curriculum, some of the exams you took during your earlier period of enrolment, might not be transferred to your new Master's degree once you re-enrol.

  • If you have withdrawn from the study program, you have to wait a minimum of 5 months before you are eligible to re-enrol.

  • If you have been de-matriculated from your study program because you did not comply with the requirements of the maximum period of study, or due to the fact that, in some other way, you are precluded from continuing your studies as a consequence of the set of rules of the degree program, you cannot be sure that you will be granted re-enrolment. Re-enrolment will solely be approved, if, on the basis of a specific academic assessment, the University assesses that your potential for completing the degree program has significantly improved or in case the content of the degree program has been significantly altered.
    This also applies if you chose to de-matriculate, and did not comply with the above-mentioned requirements.

Resizing programs

Due to the ministry's resizing of degree programs, the number of available places on our dimensioned degree programs at the Faculty of Humanities is strongly limited. Students who wish to re-enrol, is included in the dimensioning. Therefore, it is only if there are available places after admission of the new students to the first year of study on the degree program in question that applicants may be re-enrolled.

Credit transfer of previous passed subjects and courses

If you have passed subjects and courses from one or more Master's degree programs, which you have not completed, you must apply for credit transfer. You have a statutory duty to state this in your application for re-enrolment and upload documentation for all passed subjects and courses. We will then assess whether you will get credits for your passed exams.

Re-enrolment and requirements on the maximum period of study

Upon re-enrolment you need to be aware that you are not starting from the beginning when it comes to the requirements on the maximum period of study. The length of your prior enrolment will be subtracted from the maximum period of study when you re-enrol.



What is definitive for the Faculty's assessment of your application?

You will only be granted re-enrolment if your situation has changed considerably, in a way that makes it realistic that you will graduate from your study program. The amount of the study program you have passed as well as the length of your previous enrolment at the program will also be decisive for the outcome of your application.

How do you apply?

It is only possible to apply for re-enrolment if you are not already enrolled at the Faculty.

  • You apply for re-enrolment in the application portal for Master's programs

  • If necessary, consult the user guide when you fill in your application. You will find help to log in and create your application in the user guide.

  • We recommend that you use Firefox as your browser when logging in to the Application Portal.

  • If you are a student at UCPH, AU, AAU, SDU or ITU, we recommend that you import your educational data automatically by means of data exchange. If needed, consult the user manual for the Application Portal. Check that all educational data has been imported. It is your own responsibility to make sure that we receive the documentation. This means that you must upload the documentation yourself, if it cannot be imported by means of data exchange.

  • In general, it is not possible to add documents to your application, once you have submitted your application.  The Faculty, thus, recommends that you make sure that you have uploaded all required documents before you submit your application.

  • The Faculty recommends checking your spam folder or other email filters, as email notifications can occasionally skip your inbox and end up in your spam folder.

Apply in due time before the application deadline

It is your own responsibility to apply in due time and, preferably, well before the deadline. Solely applications which are submitted before the deadline will be considered.

Follow the progress of your application

When you have submitted your application(s) via the Application Portal, you can keep yourself updated on the status of your application(s) and read messages from the University in the Application Portal.

Log in to follow the progress of your application here.

Technical challenges

If you are having trouble logging into the Application Portal or encounter other technical difficulties when applying, please contact the Faculty of Humanities by e-mailing The e-mail should include a description of the problem in question as well as one or more screen dumps that illustrate the problem in question.

Program errors on your own computer and technical difficulties in general, including troubles with logging in, that result in the fact that you are unable to submit your application before the deadline for applications, are not considered to be valid reasons for not applying before the deadline.

Only the fact that the Application Portal itself fails will be considered as a valid reason for not applying before the deadline. In such cases, make a screen dump which indicates the date and time of your attempt to submit your application as well as the error message displayed and e-mail this to

The Application Portal is a nationwide online application system, which is used by most of the universities in Denmark. You should therefore expect that the server is very busy on a regular basis - especially close to the deadline for applications. If many applicants are attempting to log into the Application Portal simultaneously, you may experience login issues and other problems when attempting to submit your application etc. If the result is that you are unable to submit your application before the deadline for applications, your application is not considered, as this is not considered to be a valid reason for not applying before the deadline.

Therefore, we recommend that you apply as soon as possible after that Application Portal has been opened.

Who to contact?

If you have any questions, you are more than welcome to contact the student counsellor at your Department, who will be able to assist you in connection with:

  • Clarifying what options are open to you and your legal rights.
  • What kinds of exemption exist, if any.