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Summer School: Danish Language Course

Three-week summer school taking place from 5-27 August 2019

The Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics is offering a 3-week intensive Danish language summer course from 5 to 27 August 2019. The courses consist of classes in the morning and an optional cultural activities programme in the afternoon.

The courses in Danish as a Foreign Language for international students at the University of Copenhagen consist of intensive language instruction classes. Danish is studied and taught as a foreign language for communicative as well as academic purposes.

In accordance with a discursive view of language and a primarily cognitive view of language acquisition, the courses integrate theoretical knowledge of lexicon, grammar and phonology in the process of developing communicative competences in modern Danish, spoken and written.

Application deadlines

  • 1 April: First round applications
  • 1 June: Second round applications (after availability)

Available proficiency levels

Participants follow one proficiency level for the entire duration of the three-week summer school course.

The following levels are offered:

  • Beginners’ level 1      (equals A1 on the CEFR-scale)
  • Beginners’ level 2      (equals A2 on the CEFR-scale)
  • Lower Intermediate   (equals B1 on the CEFR-scale)
  • Upper Intermediate   (equals B2 on the CEFR-scale)

Beginners’ level 1 and Beginners’ level 2 are two different levels.
Beginners’ level 1 is for participants who do not have any or only very little knowledge of Danish.
Beginners’ level 2 is for participants who have a little experience with Danish or who have already completed Beginners' level 1.

Please note that we reserve the right to cancel upper-level courses due to low participation. However, we encourage applicants to nevertheless apply for upper level courses. Applicants can expect to receive information about course availability by mid-June.

Course schedule

Duration: 3 weeks in August, 4 lessons daily ( Monday – Friday at 9:00 – 13:00)

Location: All lectures take place at University of Copenhagen South Campus, Njalsgade 120, 2300 Copenhagen, Denmark

Cultural Activities Programme: The Cultural Activities include lectures, excursions and social activities offered in the afternoons from approx. 13.30-16.00. Excursions will be made to sites of historical, cultural and social interest including guided tours to museums and exhibitions. Information about the programme will be provided in mid-June.

Course curriculum and exams

Contents and aims: Curriculum for Danish as a Foreign Language

Form of teaching: Classroom instruction, group and pair work

Language of instruction: Danish

Form of evaluation: Oral test (50%) and written test (50%).

Attendance: Attendance is mandatory. Test admission requires participation in a minimum of 80% of the total number of Danish language instruction classes.

ECTS credits:
Each Danish Language Course is prescribed to 7.5 ECTS credits.

ECTS credits are obtained when you complete the course and pass the final examinations. You must pass both the written (3.75 ECTS) and the oral (3.75 ECTS) examination in order to receive the 7.5 ECTS. You will not receive 3.75 ECTS credits if you only pass one of the two exams.

Admission requirements

Applicants who have passed a minimum of one year of bachelor-level studies are eligible to apply for admission to the Danish Language Course.

Tuition fees

The tuition fee is calculated according to academic area, credits (ECTS points) and citizenship.

  • EU/EEA/Swiss citizens:         DKK 1,875.00
  • Non-EU/EEA/Swiss citizens: DKK 9,375.00

The tuition fee covers one-time participation in classes and lectures as well as three examination attempts (one ordinary examination and two resits). The tuition fee does not cover travel, accommodation and living expenses during the course.

Payment details will be forwarded upon acceptance.  

Payment terms
UCPH Faculty of Humanities accepts international bank transfers for payment of tuition fees. The University accepts bank transfers only, preferably in Danish kroner (DKK) or euros (EUR).

Payment is binding. It is not possible to switch courses after payment has been credited to UCPH Finance.

If payment is not received by the deadline stipulated in the admission letter, the University can rescind the offer of admission and offer the admission place to another applicant.

Refund and cancellation policy
Applicants can formally request to cancel their enrolment and receive a refund of the tuition fees up to two months prior to the beginning of the course.

Requests for cancellation and reimbursement are formally submitted via e-mail to International Admissions.

How to apply

Applicants apply for the Danish Language summer school course by submitting an electronic application form along with the following required documents:

  • A copy of your passport
  • Certified transcript of records in English, including courses in progress
  • Degree certificates/diplomas (for graduates)
  • Optional: Certificates for passed Danish language modules

Access the application form: Application form for International Summer Programme - Danish Language Course

Application deadlines

  • First round applications: 1 April
  • Second round applications: 1 June (after availability)

Contact information

For information about admission, tuition fees and registration, please contact International Admissions at:

For information about academic content, please contact the Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics at: