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Welcome Master's Students

Below you will find useful information about commencement and other practical matters connected to your full degree studies at the University of Copenhagen - Faculty of Humanities.

Orientation Programme

The University of Copenhagen - Faculty of Humanities will be hosting an Orientation event for all new full degree students.

The Orientation Programme will acquaint you with the Faculty of Humanities, in addition to providing you with useful information pertaining to your study programme at the Faculty of Humanities and social activities available to students.

The programme schedule will be made available here online in the weeks preceding arrival.

→Read more about the Orientation Programme

Course registration

The course registration periods for master's degree students are as follows:

  • For autumn courses: Registration from 15 May to June 1
  • For spring courses: Registration from 15 November to 1 December

For more information on how to register, please do the follow: 

  • Log into KUnet (intranet)
  • Access your programme's study information site
  • Click on "Teaching" from the menu
  • Choose "Registration and deregistration" from the list

KUnet and Student ID card


KUnet ( is the University of Copenhagen's intranet. On KUnet, you can find your Master's degree programme's study website and access your UCPH student e-mail, Absalon e-larning platform and Self Service (for course registration).

In order to access KUnet, you need a password that will be sent to you by IT services in an e-mail. Once you gain access to KUnet, you will be able to order your student id card online.

Student ID card

You will be able to pick up your student ID card from the Reception Desk in Building 13 at the Faculty of Humanities.


Unfortunately the University of Copenhagen - Faculty of Humanities is unable to facilitate accommodation for full degree students. 

Due to the limited number of available dorms, rooms and apartments in the Greater Copenhagen area, finding long-term accommodation can be difficult. Therefore we advise students to begin the search for housing in Denmark as soon as they have accepted the offer of admission. Searching for accommodation after your arrival in Denmark is not recommendable.

For information on finding housing, please refer to: →Advice on finding accommodation

The Mentor Programme: QA Programme

The Faculty of Humanities has a mentor programme - the QA Programme - available to all students studying at the Faculty. The QA Programme is the backbone of the Faculty’s international study environment.

The QA Programme provides students with an opportunity to establish an instant network that can assist with the practical aspects of adjusting to a new educational environment. The QA programme hosts various events throughout the semester, which are open to students at the University of Copenhagen. 

Normally your mentor group will contact you by email prior to your arrival in Denmark. Therefore it is important to make sure that the email address used in your registration is valid and that you check it regularly prior to leaving your home country.

We encourage all students to join the programme. Please visit the QA Programme's website:

Residence permit and CPR-number

Residence permit

Depending on your nationality, you may be required to obtain a residence permit in order to reside in Denmark for the duration of your enrolment as a student at the Faculty of Humanities.

For further information, visit →International Education and Grants' website.

If you are a non-EU/EEA/Swiss citizen, please be aware that you will need to obtain a residence permit prior to entering Denmark. Information will be forwarded to you in the offer of admission. For more information, please consult →International Admissions at the Faculty of Humanities.

Civil registration number (CPR-number)

When you have arrived in Copenhagen, you are required to register with the International Citizen Service.

You must have obtained a residence permit and a permanent address in Denmark to be able to register. The Citizen Service Registration Office will issue a personal identity number, called a CPR-number, as well as a Health Insurance Card. 

You will find more information about how and where to register at the →International Citizen Service.

Useful information

General Insurance 

University of Copenhagen does not have a mandatory insurance policy which students are required to take out, and students are not covered by any insurance policies taken out by the University of Copenhagen. We strongly encourage you to purchase general insurance (personal possessions, accident and liability) as well as a health insurance until you are covered by The Danish Health Security Act (see below).

Alternatively you may take out an insurance policy with International Health Insurance (IHI) in Denmark. The IHI Study Abroad insurance covers for periods up to 24 months, and gives full protection in case of acute illness and injury. You will find more information at

Danish healthcare

The Danish Health Security Act covers students staying for more than three months. Note, however, that you are not covered until you have registered with the International Citizen Service. Therefore we strongly encourage all students to purchase additional insurance prior to their departure for Denmark.

To be covered by the Danish Health Security Act, you must apply for the Health Insurance Card with the local Civil Registration Office upon arrival. You will find more information about the health insurance card and how to register at the International Citizen Service.

Please refer to the following websites for further information:

Additional information

In the booklet My Guide to the Humanities (e-pages), you will find a detailed list of initiatives for students at the faculty.

We also refer you to our list of useful advice for full degree students studying at the Faculty of Humanities.

Contact information

International Admissions

Should you have any practical questions during your enrolment at the Faculty of Humanities, please do not hesitate to contact International Admissions.

Room 14-0-46
Karen Blixens Plads 8
DK- 2300 Copenhagen S

Phone: +45 40 47 11 97

Office hours:  All weekdays 9-15 (CET+1)
Please note that we might be occupied, so please feel free to book ahead. 

Department Student Guidance

For questions concerning your study programme - including questions related to course registration and exams, please contact →   Department Student Guidance