Student Housing and Halls of Residence

Full degree master students at the Faculty of Humanities are eligible to apply for a dorm room and/or student housing through KKIK and/or CIU. 

Waiting lists are long and it can take more than a year to get offered a room through these offices, so it is a good idea to register on the waiting lists as soon as you get admitted to the university. That way there is a higher chance that you can move into a room administered by KKIK or CIU soon after the start of the semester.

KKIK and CIU manage a large number of dorms in the Copenhagen area. Dorms can vary quite a bit. Some are similar to studio apartments with small kitchens and bathrooms, whereas others are more like shared apartments or dorm rooms.

Both KKIK and CIU have an emergency housing list that you can sign up for in the month of August, if you haven’t already found accommodation by then.

You can apply for a room in a hall of residence directly through the Student- and Youth Accommodation Office Copenhagen (KKIK). All rooms rented out by KKIK are unfurnished. You can download KKIK's application guidelines here (pdf). 

You can also apply for a room in a hall of residence directly through the Central Nomination Committee (CIU). All rooms rented out by CIU are unfurnished. You can download CIU's application guidelines here (pdf).

Please note that normally only students who are in Copenhagen for two semesters can apply directly with the halls of residence.

You can read more about these offices and about housing for students in Copenhagen on the websites of Københavns Kommune and International House.

Other halls of residence

Some halls of residence are privately owned and managed, and have their own application process. You can read more about the dorms and application procedures on the respective websites: