2 February 2015

Impact of the humanities


The societal impact of research and education within the humanities is attracting more and more attention, both in Denmark and abroad. The Faculty of Humanities at the University of Copenhagen works in a variety of ways to put the concept of impact on the agenda and make the concrete impact of humanities more visible.

22 January, the Faculty of Humanities hosted the Impact of the humanities symposium at University of Copenhagen's South Campus to qualify the debate about impact assessment and evaluation systems in the humanities - and beyond.

The symposium generated highly interesting disussions and was, fortunately, recorded. You can watch the highlights - as well as full videos of the keynote speeches and the panel debate - below:

1. Impact of the humanities: Introduction (1:40 minutes)

2. Impact of the humanities: keynote speeches (2:21 minutes)

See the full and unabridged version of the keynote speeches

3. Impact of the humanities: Panel debate (4:30 minutes)

See the full and unabridged version of the panel debate