3 November 2020

Søren Overgaard receives this year's Einar Hansen Research Prize


Søren Overgaard, associate professor of philosophy at HUM, receives the prize for outstanding achievements in humanistic research.

Søren Overgaard, The Faculty of Humanities, University of Copenhagen

According to the board of Einar Hansen’s Research Foundation, the prize goes to Søren Overgaard because his work beautifully ‘unites ideas from phenomenology and analytical philosophy’. The motivation reads:

- The starting point for Søren Overgaard's research has been studies of Husserl and Heidegger. From there he has continued working within the area of phenomenology – a field in which he today is an important and central figure. Along the way, his research interests have come to include essential parts of twentieth century philosophy, and today his main fields of interest are perception and social cognition. Through his work at the Center for Subjectivity Research, where he is one of the central forces, he has participated in making the University of Copenhagen an international beacon in the field.

About the prize

The Einar Hansen Research Foundation was founded in 1968 by publisher and shipowner Einar Hansen. The foundation’s board consists of researchers from the universities of Copenhagen and Lund, and the foundation’s aim is to enhance collaborations between the two universities on each side of the Sound. Every year, a prize is awarded to respectively a Danish and a Swedish researcher.

This year's Swedish research prize is awarded to Daniel Möller, Associate Professor of literary studies at Lund University.

Daniel Möller's research has mainly focused on 16th and 18th century Swedish poetry. He is one of the most clearly profiled researchers in this field, and he has skillfully helped to bring old poetry back into focus.


Associate professor Søren Overgaard
Department of Communication
E-mail: s.overgaard@hum.ku.dk
Telephone: + 45 35 32 86 87