9 June 2015

Phenomenology of Architecture and Urban Culture

On Friday March 13, 2015, renowned architect and philosopher of architecture Alberto Pérez-Gómez gave a lecture at a seminar hosted by Urban Culture Lab at the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies, Faculty of Humanities, University of Copenhagen. 

In this keynote lecture, Alberto Pérez Gómez' addresses the importance of phenomenology and 'third generation' cognitive science for describing human perception. Arguing that spatial perception challenges widespread assumptions in modern architecture, Pérez-Gómez outlines how the meaning of architecture cannot be reduced to 'pictures'.

Full keynote

About the author

Alberto Pérez-Gómez is the author of seminal books (published with the MIT Press) on the crisis of architecture in modernity. Searching for aesthetic and ethic approaches (rather than technological ones) to architecture and urban space, Pérez-Gómez has developed ground-breaking Studios of Architecture in History and Theory at McGill University in Montreal.