Data management plans

A data management plan provides an overview of how the collected data is processed and handled  before, during and after a research project.

Data management plans are becoming increasingly important to funders. They often require documentation for how data is processed in funded projects, but a data management plan is also a useful tool for getting an overview of how you can or intend to process data within your research project.  

A data management plan requires you to consider the type of data that you are collecting or generating as part of your project, as well as how and for how long you intend to store it, and whether you intend to share you data. You will also have to consider ethical aspects or guidelines that apply to your data collecting process.


If you need to draft a data management plan, you can use the DMPonline tool. The program helps you generate a data management plan by answering different questions regarding data processing and allows you to share and export your data management plan. You can also edit existing plans.

There are two versions of the DMPonline template; a generic one, and one for EU projects (H2020), which is based on the EU template for data management plans. You can access both versions once you have signed up and created an account. 

Open DMPonline.