Storing data

Lawful and proper use of solutions for storing data depends on the type of data, how confidential the stored data is and the value represented by the data. This applies to both physical and digital data. As a result, there may be key points of data collecting that can have an impact on where you should place your data, how to protect them and what procedures you must use when processing data.

As an employee at UCPH, you are responsible for ensuring that you are processing data lawfully and in accordance with the rules of the University’s rules and The Danish Code of Conduct for Research Integrity. For instance, you should be aware that the collection and processing of personal data must be reported and registered at the faculty. Read about reporting data collections.

You can contact IT support at South Campus if you need guidance on encryption.

Contact if you have questions about data storage that are not answered on this site or if you need other kinds of IT support in connection with processing research data.