About digital humanities

This website offers examples of projects that can hopefully inspire both researchers and students to think and act with digitality as an integrated part of their daily practice within the humanities. The intention is to establish a platform with news about current research, workshops etc. for researchers and students working with digital humanities. The website is developed by the steering committee for digital humanities.  

3 Grades of Digital Involvement

A somewhat crude but quite practical description of Digital Humanities could be 'where the humanities meet digitization and digital phenomena – and conversely'.  

The addition 'conversely' is meant to stress the fact that the two realms meet not only when humanities use digital tools or study digital phenomena. It is equally important to realise that endeavours and problems intrinsic to digitization call for concepts, methods and knowledge rooted in the humanities. Tentatively, the field of Digital Humanities may then be described through three major ‘ways of meeting’: Digital representation of non-digital objects, Digitally born materials, and Humanities and the development of IT.
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