The Faculty of Humanities takes active part in several national and international organizations and networks.


HUMlab is the tangible expression of the Faculty Library of Humanities' wish to support digital humanities at the Faculty. It's a meeting place for both students and employees, giving them a physical platform where they can learn, teach and use: data, digital methods and various programs and software. HUMlab is also the place where like-minded digital humanists can meet each other across various subjects and interests, thus generating inspiration and new knowledge. Read more at HUMlab's website.

Digital Humanities Lab Denmark (DIGHUMLAB)

DIGHUMLAB is a national, distributed research infrastructure that integrates digital resources, communities, tools and opportunities to Danish researchers in the humanities and social sciences. DIGHUMLAB is a consortium of four Danish universities: Aalborg University, Aarhus University, the University of Copenhagen and the University of Southern Denmark as well as the State and University Library and the National Library of Denmark and Copenhagen University Library. Read more at DIGHUMLAB's website.


- Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure, European Research Infrastructure Consortium. CLARIN makes digital language resources available to scholars, researchers, students and citizen-scientists from all disciplines, especially in the humanities and social sciences, through single sign-on access. CLARIN offers long-term solutions and technology services for deploying, connecting, analyzing and sustaining digital language data and tools. Read more at Clarin's website.

DARIAH ERIC - Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities

DARIAH is a pan-European infrastructure for arts and humanities scholars working with computational methods. It supports digital research as well as the teaching of digital research methods. DARIAH connects several hundreds of scholars and dozens of research facilities in currently 17 European countries. People in DARIAH provide digital tools and share data as well as know-how. They organize learning opportunities like workshops and summer schools, and offer training materials for Digital Humanities. Read more at DARIAH's wesite.

Humanities Lab - Lund University

The Humanities Lab is an interdisciplinary research and training facility mainly for researchers, teachers, and students across the Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology. We host technology, methodological know-how, archiving expertise, and a wide range of research projects. Lab activities are centered around the humanities with research targeting issues of communication, culture, cognition and learning, but many projects are interdisciplinary and conducted in collaboration with the social sciences, medicine, the natural sciences, engineering, and e-Science. Read more at Humanities Lab website.