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Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellowships 2018

Roles and timetable:


If you want to apply for a Marie Curie Individual Fellowship, it is important to understand that you need to team up with a researcher from the faculty. You need to develop your proposal in liaison with a senior researcher who can act as your supervisor. Formally, you will also need to have the approval from a head of department in order to apply.


Fellowship applicant: (Also called “Experienced Researcher”): It is highly recommended that the fellowship applicant visit the “Host Institution” - University of Copenhagen - in advance of writing the proposal, either by attending a Master Class, or by at least visiting the relevant department. 

Supervisor: The supervisor is the “research team leader”, and is appointed by the University of Copenhagen to supervise the fellow during the whole duration of the fellowship. The project proposal should be prepared in liaison with the supervisor.

Beneficiary: The Host Organisation (in this case University of Copenhagen, UCPH): UCPH is recognised by EC as one “legal entity” with the shortname: UCPH and the PIC: 999991043. Formally the “Beneficiary” is represented by the supervisor, and therefore it should in principle be the supervisor who submits the proposal. However, the actual submission of the proposal must done by the fellowship applicant, after a “go-ahead” from the supervisor.

Coordinator contact: The administrative person responsible, on behalf of the “beneficiary”- UCPH, for ensuring that the formalities with regard to the proposal are entered correctly in the Participant Portal, and responsible for undertaking contract negotiations with the EC. At Faculty of Humanities the Coordinator contact is:

Name: Hans-Christian Køie Poulsen; e-mail:

2018 Timetablefor Marie Curie Individual Fellowship applicants, seeking to join UCPH, Faculty of Humanities:



23th-25th May 2018

Master class


(Applicants should either participate in Master Class or visit the potential host department at the Faculty of Humanities. Both in order to have a talk with the potential supervisor, but also in order to become familiar with the relevant facilities, scientific

environment and key administrative staff).


Create the proposal in the online Participant Portal


Applicants need to register themselves and register their proposal through this link.


EF-Standard, RI, CAR as appropriate.


Register UCPH by using the PIC: 999991043.


On the “Parties” page it is important to register "Contacts" by clicking the “+”.


Register your Supervisors name and e-mail.


Register also "Coordinator contact": Hans-Christian Poulsen; e-mail:


Draft proposal writing


Applicants should write their proposal in the relevant Word template, while finding guidance from the “Step-by-Step Guide” and "Guide for Applicants". 

The supervisor should in particular give input to the sections: 1.2; 1.3; 3.2 and 5.


Research support staff at the department or centre should in particular provide input to 1.3 and 3.4 and 5.


Please note that most people
in Denmark are on vacation during July!


Fine tuning of the proposal 


Applicants should continue writing the proposal.


However, by 15th August or before, when the proposal is 80 % finalised, send a Word copy to Faculty Research Support: for feedback and “fine tuning”. There will be staff at the office, who have significant experience with fellowship proposals. Drafts will be dealt with on a first-come, first-served basis.


Administrative forms need to be completed. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure this, but if you need help please contact Faculty Research Support.

15th August 2018

Internal deadline


Draft proposals shall be send to Research Support (


Draft proposals received after this date might not get any feedback.

12th September 2018 

Final deadline


Formally, the proposal is submitted by UCPH, but the actual submission of the proposal shall be done by the fellowship applicant, after a “go-ahead” from the supervisor.

It is highly recommended to submit well in advance of the 14th September, as it is no problem to re-submit.

February 2019

Information on outcome of evaluation

February -March 2019

Contract negotiations


Faculty Research Support will take care of the negotiations of Grant Agreements, and the dean is the one who is authorised to sign the contract with the EC.

1st May 2019
The earliest feasible start date
The fellowship shall start at the very latest: 1st September 2018.


The successrate of re-applicants, who submit a revised and improved proposal have been particularly high. However, it is important to notice that the process for those applicants is slightly different from the one for “first-time” applicants.

2018 Timetable for Marie Curie Individual Fellowship re-applicants, who are seeking to join UCPH, Faculty of Humanities: Marie Curie re-applicant process plan for 2018

Outgoing applicants:
Applicants from UCPH, Faculty of Humanities who wants to go abroad will primarily need to get help from the proposed Host Institution. However, those who wants to go beyond Europe, there is a particular process where those need to be employed at UCPH, and then seconded abroad.

2018 Timetable for Marie Curie Individual Fellowship applicants from UCPH, Faculty of Humanities, who are seeking to go abroad: Marie Curie outgoing process plan 2018