Interdisciplinary humanities: The borderology of friendship

Humanomics Research Seminar with Claus Emmeche.

What does the disciplinary structure of knowledge look like? How do the different disciplines collaborate? And how can we describe interdisciplinarity?

In this seminar, interdisciplinarity will be discussed through borderology as a mapping of the disciplinary structure of knowledge and different styles of inquiry. As an illustration, a comparative study of friendship as a human universal, a cultural construct, a biosocial behaviour pattern, a form of love, a value bestowal, a power relation, an identity constituent, ‘another self’, a family resemblance concept, a reification, etc., will be introduced.

Claus Emmeche is an Associate Professor at the Department of Science Education, University of Copenhagen, and part of the Humanomics Research Group. His research interests have focused on philosophy and sociology science, ontology, biosemiotics, and interdisciplinarity. As part of the Humanomics project he is mapping discursive borders between the natural, the human and the social sciences.

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