Humanities World Report: Assessing the state of the humanities worldwide

Humanomics Research Seminar with Poul Holm.

What is the state of the humanities worldwide? How can we assess it? And is it true that humanities scholars sit in ivory towers far removed from the world? These questions will be addressed by Professor Poul Holm at the next Humanomics Open Research Seminar "Humanities World Report: Assessing the state of the humanities”

Recently, Poul Holm has worked on the Humanities World Report. It is the first of its kind, and the 'Report' gives an overview of the humanities worldwide. Published as an Open Access title and based on an extensive literature review and enlightening interviews conducted with 90 humanities scholars across 40 countries, the book offers a first step in attempting to assess the state of the humanities globally. Through this seminar, Poul Holm will, based on the report, correct the stereotypical view of humanists as scholars locked away in their ivory towers, and instead show the emerging picture of humanists as deeply committed to the social value of their work and appreciative of the long-term importance it has for addressing global challenges.

Poul Holm is Trinity Long Room Hub Professor of Humanities at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, and Director of the Irish Digital Arts and Humanities Structured PhD Programme. He is President of the European Consortium of Humanities Institutes and Centres. He has served on national and European committees such as the Danish Research Council for the Humanities, the European Society for Environmental History, the EU DG Research METRIS group, and the ESF RESCUE initiative on Climate Change Research.

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