Nordic Aphasia Conference 2017: Meaningful outcomes – University of Copenhagen

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Nordic Aphasia Conference 2017: Meaningful outcomes

The conference focuses on clinical aspects of aphasia rehabilitation, which are relevant to researchers and practitioners in speech and language therapy for persons with aphasia, i.e. an acquired language and communication deficit following brain injury.

The conference has previously been held in Oslo (2006 and 2015), in Helsinki (2009), in Gothenborg (2013), and in Copenhagen (2009). In 2017, it will be hosted by the Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics.

Confirmed speakers

Madeline Cruice

Senior lecturer, Language and Communication Sciences, City University of London, UK

Julius Fridriksson

Professor and Endowed Chair, SmartState Arnold School of Public Health, USA

Simon Horton

Lecturer, School of Health Sciences, University of East Anglia, UK

Aura Kagan

Executive Director Aphasia Institute - The Pat Arato Aphasia Centre, Toronto, Canada

Carole Pound

Research Associate Faculty of Health and Social Care, Univesity of Bournemouth, UK

Nina Simmons-Mackie

Professor & Scholar in Residence, Health & Human Sciences, Southeastern Louisiana University, USA

See the conference homepage for more information.