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Religion and coexistence in Indonesia

Can Europe Learn from Indonesia’s Tradition for Pluralism, Tolerance & Religious Co-existence?

Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world after China, India and the United States with around 260 million people, comprising some 300 ethnic groups who speak an estimated 583 languages and dialects. With about 90 percent of the population being Muslim, Indonesia is the nation with the largest Muslim population in the world. Other sizeable religious minorities are Christians, Hindus and Buddhists. Indonesians practice a moderate form of Islam and the country is globally acknowledged for its peaceful and tolerant co-existence between religions.

This meeting will use the opportunity of the presence in Denmark of these prominent representatives from Indonesia to learn about Indonesia’s experiences with pluralism, tolerance and religious co-existence.    Moderator: Journalist Suzanne B.D. Lassen, member of the board of the Danish Foreign Policy Society

Keynote speakers 

  • Prof. Dr. Nasaruddin Umar: Grand Imam from Istiqlal Mosque in Jakarta 
  • Mrs. Yenny Zannuba Wahid: Director for Wahid Foundation


  • Dr. Franz Magnis Suseno: Catholic priest and assistant professor at The Driyakarya School of Philosophy
  • Dr. Abdul Muti: General Secretary in Muhammadiyah, 
  • Mr. Yahya Cholil Staquf: Secretary for the Supreme Council in Nahdlatul Ulama
  • Ms. Sakdiyah Ma'ruf stand-up artist and advocate for religious tolerance

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