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The frozen Saqqaq sites of Disko Bay

Quqertasussuk and Qajaa (2400-900 BC). Studies of Saqqaq Material Culture in an Eastern Artic Perspective

Bjarne Grønnow defends his Doctoral Thesis.

Official opponents 

  • Professor Kristina Jennbert (Lund University)
  • Associate Professor Emeritus Erik Brinch Petersen (University of Copenhagen)

The defense is public and conducted in English.

A hard copy of the thesis can be obtained from Museum Tusculanum Press ( for DKK 498.

The Assessment Committee's recommandation can be obtained on paper for DKK 1 per page by contacting the Faculty's publications unit Publi©Kom in KUA2, Karen Blixens Plads 8, room 11A-0-02. An electronic version can be downloaded free of charge.

Opponents ex auditorio may sign up at the Chair of the defense.