Closing roundtable: Towards borderland futures?

Following a short wrap-up of the key takeaways from the previous sessions by William Kutz, the final meeting will be held to discuss ways of moving forward to the next stages of the seminar series. For example, how might we want to bring together the ideas and materials we discussed to connect with wider audiences in the Gibraltar and Öresund regions? What mapping projects, events or publications might we organise for the future? How might these activities connect with other groups doing work on other water-based border zones elsewhere in the world?

A public discussion moderated by William Kutz, Université de Paris-Cité

About the webinar series

Centre for Oresund Region Studies, Lund University, holds a series of 90-minute webinars on borders and borderland formation from 14 September-7 December 2022.

The seminar series will underscore the multiplicity of bordering perspectives and the plasticity of border trajectories as a way to construct alternative imaginaries of borderland formation as they pertain to Scandinavian and Mediterranean contexts. Focusing on cross-border regions in Scandinavia (Öresund) and the Mediterranean (Gibraltar), the meetings will bring together researchers, artists, and regional practitioners to debate, characterise and visualise these spaces from a decidedly comparative perspective – across cultural contexts, geographical scales, and cartographic perspectives.

The seminars will take place over six sessions, every other Wednesday from 14:30 to 16:00. During each meeting, two contributors will present their work, with one local and one international guest respondent to comment on the respective issues raised during the talks. This will be followed by a moderated discussion among wider audience members and speakers.


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