HR South and City Campuses

Joint HR unit at Humanities, Law, Social Sciences, Theology and UCPH Central Administration

HR South and City Campuses is from 1 June 2017 a joint HR unit at the Faculties of Humanities, Law, Social Sciences and Theology as well as the Central Administration at University of Copenhagen.

Visiting address

HR South and City Campuses
South Campus
Njalsgade 76, building 4B-1 and 5C-1
2300 Copenhagen S

The main entrance can be found at 4B-1. 
From 8:00-16:00 you can access the centre via the Faculty of Theology at 5C-1.

Phone: +45 35 32 40 01


Management team of HR South and City Campuses

HR Centre Manager Gitte Korsgaard, section manager Signe Marie Pedersen and section manager Jeppe Bjørn Pedersen. Signe Marie Pedersen is HR partner for the Humanities, Law and Theology. 
Jeppe Bjørn Pedersen is HR partner for Social Sciences and the UCPH central administration.

HR South and City Campuses consists of various teams covering the core tasks of the centre:


The team handles the recruitment and employment process regarding VIP and international researchers and solves tasks within employment law.

The team consists of: Betina Jordan Hansen, Charlotte Bennike, Corinn Sandhoff Pedersen, Inge-Lise Damberg, Lotte D. Strandberg, Mette B. Christensen, Mette Spliid, Michael Pieper, Pernille Kirk, Pernille L. Paulsen, Rikke Dall and Rusan Elmazi.

Salaries, administrative staff, part-time teaching staff / part-time administrative staff, maternity/paternity leave, reimbursement and personnel administration

The team manages a wide range of personnel administrative tasks, such as salaries, maternity/paternity leave and reimbursement. Additionally, the team handles the recruitment and employment process regarding part-time teaching staff and part-time administrative staff.

The team consists of: Anette R. Pedersen, Gitte B. Stigsby, Heidi M. Underbjerg, Lone F. Andersen, Salma Schou,Tina Ulvø, Cecilie S. Stougaard, Heidi M. Sassersen, Maja A. Quist, Mia M. Hertz, Susanne Kirst and Rosmarie Arltoft.

HR-projects, management information and pay negotiations

The team supports the yearly pay negotiations, participates in management recruitment and is responsible for sending management information to the management. The team serves a number of committees (ie. Liaison Committees and occupational health and safety committees) at the faculties and the central administration and in addition to that involved in a number of HR development tasks as well as work environment tasks. 

The team consists of: Anne Bechsgaard, Michael Pieper, Pernille Kirk, Peter Wedel Bay, Simon Bæk, Ingeborg Mols Lindor and Kathrine Emilie Kroghsbo Jensen.

PhD administration

The team serves the Humanities, Law, Social Sciences and Theology and work with the administrative processes in connection to PhD enrolment, course activity, the PhD programme and submission of thesises. Additionally, the team serves the PhD study committees at the faculties.

The team consists of: Anne F. Handreck, Birgitte Boas Hein, Christina Nimb, Ditte Wachs, Maja Erlund, Toke Nordbo and Olivia Wendelboe Mortensen.