The Faculty of Humanities’ strategic landmarks

The Faculty of Humanities (HUM) strives constantly to strengthen its position as a leading humanistic research and teaching institution. By virtue of the high level of its research and the broad range of its academic programmes, the faculty is able to attract the best and most dedicated staff and students.

HUM advances research-based knowledge about humankind, its language, culture and history across a wide range of disciplines, in the form of both basic and applied research of the highest quality. Through its research dissemination, the faculty embraces and strengthens the crucial role the humanities have in providing knowledge and insight for the betterment of society.

HUM offers attractive, research-based degree programmes which, through their high level of academic excellence, critical analysis, reflection and communication, contribute both to developing skills relevant for today’s labour market and to providing humanistic insight into the social, cultural, historical and educational perspectives on society.

Through its research and teaching, HUM plays its part in providing solutions to the major challenges facing society today. Of vital importance here is developing the humanities’ contribution to the transition to green energy as well as to the increasing digitisation of society.

The academic culture at HUM is characterised by being ambitious, interdisciplinary and international, providing an open and inspiring work and study environment. The faculty places a great deal of importance on consulting and involving students and employees alike. HUM is also dedicated to increasing diversity in all its aspects to create an inclusive work and study environment where all employees and students feel valued and able to produce their best.

 HUM strives to foster interdisciplinary collaboration across the University of Copenhagen and with other universities in Denmark and abroad. The faculty also works to develop links between the university and public and private organisations to promote intellectual creativity and as far as possible produce new knowledge, insight and value together with external parties.

The faculty defines its goals and draws up its action plans, which are updated on an annual basis, within the University of Copenhagen's strategic framework.

These landmarks were drawn up by the Dean's Office and approved by the Faculty Management Team
14 December 2021