Tenure-track employment at the Faculty of Humanities

The tenure-track programme at the University of Copenhagen is designed to attract the most qualified early-career academics. The Faculty of Humanities aims to attract a substantial number of qualified candidates to each advertised tenure-track position.

Start-up package

As a tenure-track assistant professor at the Faculty of Humanities you are offered a start-up package. The package aims at giving a boost to especially your first years as a tenure-track assistant professor.

Recruited from abroad

If you are recruited from abroad, the start-up package consists of:

Already working and living in Denmark

If you are recruited when already working and living in Denmark, the start-up package consists of:

  • A start-up account of EUR 2,000 e.g. to cover expenses for research assistance, fees and travel expenses for conferences and courses etc.
  • Mentoring support by a senior faculty member
  • Research application support – our research support teams both at faculty and department level offer information, counseling and application assistance
  • In some cases a special tax-scheme for researchers might apply
  • Introductory Danish Courses - if necessary.