Research and Impact

Head of office: Birgitte Grundtvig

The office reports to the associate dean for Reseach and Impact and supports the work on the faculty’s strategy and related development projects. Goal-oriented and qualified research support is a substantial part of the office's task portfolio. Furthermore, the staff facilitate interdisciplinary working groups as a part of the strategy work.

Faculty Research Support offers advice and support to researchers applying for research funds and organising projects.

Name Title Phone E-mail
Bozard, Emil Zolthan Academic Officer +4535335133 E-mail
Eren, Selda Data Specialist +4525715005 E-mail
Groth, Marie Roloff Senior Consultant +4523951537 E-mail
Hanteer, Obaida Data Specialist +4535332961 E-mail
Huber, Birgitte Grundtvig Head of Section +4526233510 E-mail
Morthorst, Mie Special Consultant +4535326442 E-mail
Møllegaard, Mille Senior Consultant +4551300206 E-mail
Offersgaard, Lene Senior Consultant +4535329081 E-mail
Poulsen, Hans-Christian Køie Senior Consultant +4521849665 E-mail