TEACH is the university pedagogical centre at the Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Law, and Faculty of Theology. The centre supports these three faculties in pedagogical competence development as well as educational and teaching advancement.


TEACH's courses and offers are primarily aimed at lecturers, but certain activities are also available to administrative staff, heads of studies, and others working in the development of teaching and education.

The centre provides university pedagogical training, courses for PhD students and D-VIP, induction courses for new hires, and various professional development opportunities for experienced academic staff. Additionally, there are a range of shorter courses and webinars covering topics such as online blended learning and research-based teaching.

Based on specific requests and needs, TEACH develops bespoke programmes for academic communities, including working with peer feedback, case-based teaching, examination formats, etc.

Furthermore, the centre contributes to numerous development projects across UCPH and assists with the implementation of various initiatives at the faculties, always in close dialogue with the academic communities.

TEACH is led on a daily basis by Peder Hjort-Madsen, who, together with the three vice-deans for education (Liselotte Madsen, JUR, Eva Silberschmidt Viala, HUM, and Marlene Ringgaard Lorensen, TEO), sets the strategic direction for the centre.