Courses and Exams

The Faculty of Humanities' objective is to offer research-based study programs with teaching that in the best possible way involves the individual students and support the students' learning process.

Course participation and the subsequent exam must be seen as academically meaningful and logistically well handled by both students and lecturers.

This is ensured through the teachers have good conditions for providing dynamic and committed teaching, that students are informed about the relevant requirements, obligations and rights and practical issues, and that the tests are performed on an academically coherent basis of competent examiners conduct.

This objective is largely achieved through a flexible course range, so the newest research can be introduced in the courses without a revision of the curriculum. In addition, the lecturers' PDR, course evaluations, exam results and external examiners' annual reports are monitored on an ongoing basis.


Policy on the use of academic staff in courses
Procedure for range of courses

Procedure for teaching evaluation
Template for evaluation reports (in Danish)


Procedure for tests and exams
Procedures for exam complaints, appeals and plagiarism

Procedures for dialog with graduates, employer panels and the external examiners
Template for employer panel report (in Danish)
External examiners reports (in Danish)