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Summer Schools

The University of Copenhagen's International Summer Programme offers a number of humanities courses, which are open to international as well as Danish students.

All summer courses are currently closed for application. 

Courses being offered in 2018 will be announced on our website in December.

Summer schools - 2017

The Faculty of Humanities offered six summer school courses in July/August 2017 as part of the UCPH International Summer Programme

Courses offered in Summer 2017

  • Urban Culture in Theory and Action, MA (7.5 ECTS)
    This summer school presents students with a unique opportunity to experience urban culture in theory and action in Copenhagen. Focusing on cultural entrepreneurship and social innovation in the city, the school is tied together with a music festival and a creative community.

  • New Urban Life Across the Globe: Activism and Change in a World of Cities, MA (7.5 ECTS)
    During this summer school, the student will immerse in critical urban theory and practical approaches to urban ethnography, drawing from a broad range of excellent research at three faculties of Copenhagen University.
  • Roots of Europe, BA/MA (7.5 ECTS)
    Aimed at students of linguistics, genetics, anthropology, archaeology and genetics, the course investigates new theories about the Indo-European homeland and prehistoric migrations.
  • Textile and Fashion in Theory and Practice through 3000 years, BA/MA (15ECTS)
    Focused on different historic and cultural theories, the course further emphasizes the introduction of critical and analytical approaches to understand the subject field and in the wider context understanding entanglement of fashion and textile in constituting cultures and societies.
  • Danish Language Course, BA (7.5 ECTS)
    The Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics offers 3-week intensive Danish language summer courses in August. The courses consist of classes in the morning and an optional cultural activities programme in the afternoons.
  • Scandinavian Manuscript Studies, MA/PhD (7.5 ECTS)
    A two-week intensive course working with medieval and early-modern Scandinavian manuscripts, editorial technique and textual criticism.

Tuition fees

The tuition fee is calculated according to academic area, credits (ECTS points) and citizenship.

Applicant status

Tuition fees

for 7.5 ECTS 

Tuition fees

for 15 ECTS

EU/EEA/Switzerland applicants DKK 1,875 DKK 3,750
Non-EU/EEA/Switzerland applicants DKK 9,375 DKK 18,750
Non-EU/EEA/Switzerland applicants with a permanent Danish residence permit * DKK 1,875 DKK 3,750
Students nominated as exchange students through the home university's exchange agreement with the University of Copenhagen No tuition fees
(subject to availability, contact your home university)
No tuition fees 
(subject to availability, contact your home university)
Students enrolled at the University of Copenhagen or other Danish universities No tuition fee
(requires a pre-approval from your home university)**
No tuition fee 
(requires a pre-approval from your home university)**
Danish applicants not enrolled at a university  DKK 1,875 DKK 3,750

*or with a temporary residence permit with a view to permanent residency in Denmark

**students enrolled at a degree programme at the Faculty of Humanities do not need a pre-approval if they apply for one of the summer shools as part of their Bachelors- or Master's electives.

How to apply

Please refer to the summer school course websites for information about course content, admission requirements, application forms and application procedures.

Application deadline

First round applications: 1 April 2017

Please refer to the summer school course websites for information about how to apply.


Please note that summer school students are not guaranteed housing via the University of Copenhagen. Summer school participants are responsible for finding and funding accommodation during their stay in Copenhagen.

The UCPH Housing Foundation can assist students with finding accommodation. Please note that the service is optional – you are not obligated to use the service and you are of course welcome to find accommodation on your own. 

When you have received your letter of admission to the course, you will be able to request accommodation assistance through the UCPH Housing Foundation's booking system. For more information, please refer to: Housing for international summer courses.

Visa information for non-EU/EEA students

As an international student it is important that you investigate whether you need a visa for entering Denmark. The visa rules depend on your citizenship status.

Students from visa-free countries staying in Denmark for less than three (3) months can enter Denmark on a tourist visa.

Students from countries requiring a visa in order to enter Denmark for a stay of less than three (3) months will be provided a visa invitation from the UCPH-Faculty of Humanities along with the letter of admission. Please be aware that it is up to the Danish Immigration Service to determine eligibility for a visa.

For the comprehensive list of countries requiring a visa in order to entire Denmark for a short-term stay, please refer to: Danish Immigration Service - Visas for short-term stays


For questions regarding course content, please contact the summer school coordinator. Contact information is found on the summer school course websites.

For questions concerning tuition fee payment, housing, visa invitations and other practical matters, please contact International Admissions at the Faculty of Humanities:
Phone: +45 40 47 11 97