Julie Marie Isager

Julie Marie Isager

Special Consultant


    Karen Blixens Plads 8, 2300 København S, 16 Bygning 16, Building: 16-0-32

    Mobile: +4521494998

I am interested in what people do when they interact with each other in education. This enables us to experiment with how lecturers and students position themselves in university education. Such experiments must be quite specific when put into action.

My special interests in the university teaching field are:

-Dialogue and orality in university education: It is all over the place, and everyone involved needs to both speak and listen to each other. Dialogue is relevant in teaching, in supervision and during exams. I am particularly inspired by recent dialogical approaches to teaching and education as argued by researcher such as Dysthe, Wegerif, Mercer, Alexander, Reznitskaya, Adelman and Høegh.

-The purpose of university education and teaching: What do we think university education and teaching should be? How are theories, methods, empirical data and argumentation framed and worked on in the courses, and how do we orient students to society in appropriate ways?

- Exams are central to university education since they refer to notions of quality and substance in the subject and discipline – but it is also powerfully aimed at situations outside the university as an institution. In my PhD thesis in Educational Sciences from the University of Southern Denmark, I investigated the traditional Danish oral exam form from a student's perspective in the context of the teaching process that preceded it. Pupils and students' formulation of what it takes to do well at the exam is their take on what it takes to do well in the education system.

I like to use a number of ethnographic methods and text analysis. I have a master's degree in Rhetoric from the University of Copenhagen and has previously been associated with the University of Copenhagen's social science faculty's programs.

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