Monitoring and evaluation

The ongoing monitoring and evaluation of our degree programs is a cornerstone in the quality assurance system at the Faculty of Humanities.

Please see below for procedures and instruments used in this work.

Program reports and the dean's report on quality of education

Procedure for programme reports
Template for programme reports (in Danish)
Procedure for reporting on the quality of education

Degree program evaluation

Procedure for programme evaluation
Mandate for the use of external experts (in Danish)
Rota plan and evaluation reports for programme evaluations (in Danish)


Procedure for preparing, amending and revison of curricula
Group for curricula revision (KUnet in Danish)

Dialog with stakeholders

Procedure for dialog with graduates, employer panels and external examiners

Study programs

Procedure for approval of new study programmes
Time schedule for developing new programmes (in Danish)

Procedure for merger of programmes
Annual cycle for merger of programmes (in Danish)

Procedure for closing programmes


Procedure for assuring the quality and mobility balance of Erasmus agreements states

Educational collaboration

Models for educational collaboration across departments (KUnet in Danish)


Procedure for accreditation of new study programmes
Procedure for the accreditation of existing study programmes