Research funding

The Faculty Research Support Team advises researchers employed at the faculty about funding possibilities (national and international) and formal criteria for different types of research applications. In collaboration with the individual departments and Faculty Finance we provide support to applicants. In general, the department research support staff deals with national funds, while the Faculty Research Support Team deals with EU and other international funds. However, the first point of contact should be at department level. As soon as it is clear that a department is interested in housing a proposed project, the Faculty Research Support Team is ready to provide intensive support for EU and other international funds. If proposed projects involve multiple partners additional support from the central EU office will be provided as appropriate.

If you are not employed at the Faculty of Humanities and wish to use the service of the faculty research team you need to present a formal confirmation of affiliation from the head of the department where the research project will be affiliated. Please contact the research support team or person at the relevant department for more information.

All applications that include salary must be forwarded to the research support team at your department or the faculty's central researach support team.

Danish speaking researchers employed at the Faculty of Humanities are advised to check the intranet Research Support site.